Turban; Protective Style.



Hey ya’ll. It’s been a minute but am back. My hair hasn’t been in any kind of fancy hairstyle but then I thought  of sharing with you what my mane has been like.

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2 Flat Twist On Natural Hair




I finally got back to doing the 2 flat twist after 1 year. I’ve missed having them so I decided to try them out again.

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My Night Time Routine; Curly Fro

night time routine

Hey y’all. It’s been a minute since I last posted but am back.  Lately I’ve been rocking curly Afros and a number of people I’ve been asking me how I maintain the curls if I want to have them out for a couple of days. Well, here we go.

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Flat Twist Out; My Curly Fro

pic ya intro

A few days back I posted a photo of my hair in four plaits on Instagram promising to show you guys what I was working on, later on my blog. Well.. I’m fulfilling my promise.

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Tools For My Natural Hair

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Hey guys, Hope you’re all doing good. Today’s post will be short and precise. I’d like to share with you on tools I use on my 4C hair.

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How I Moisturize My Mini Twists + Hair Porosity

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Happy new week guys. Today’s all about retaining moisture on natural hair. I’d love to share with you how I moisturize my own mane and why I do so.

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Mini Twist; My Go-To Protective Style

mini twists

Hey all, am back with yet another protective style. This is my go-to protective style just because it makes me forget that there’s hair existing on top of my head. Trust me, I have these type of days.

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Curls On Natural Hair + Product Review.

ist pic

As I had promised on my Instagram account, I had to ensure that I had posted about this hairstyle. Hope you’re all doing good. I had no intentions of doing a product review on this particular post until I got the results of my hard work. Continue reading “Curls On Natural Hair + Product Review.”

7 Tips To Growing & Maintaining Natural Hair

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Hey y’all. I’d  love to share 5 tips with you that I always consider when I’m handling my hair. These are tips that I’ve learnt from other naturals through out my journey and it has worked for me. Hopefully, it will work for you too.

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