How I make my own DIY clarifying shampoo

Is your natural hair dull and brittle? Is your scalp itchy or worse, does it constantly suffer from dandruff? well you are in the right place. There is nothing as embarrassing as having to tap or scratch you scalp in public every other minute just to get a relief from the itchiness. I personally experienced this for a long while until  I stumbled upon my DIY clarifying shampoo. Before adding this product into my  wash day routine,  I would wash my hair as usual and one or two weeks later I would be suffering from dandruff.

new dirty

I’ve had box braids for four weeks as a protective style and it’s now time  for me to wash my hair. This DIY clarifying shampoo not only cleanses the hair strands but acts as a detox to the scalp.

So this is what you’ll need:

Apple cider vinegar

Bicarbonate soda


A spray bottle

products 2

Well, you might want to know why I use this products.

Apple cider vinegar reduces freeze and restores natural hair to its initial pH.  Natural hair needs to be conditioned and moisturized constantly. After a period of time of using different hair products it may lead to a build up on our hair strands and alter  the pH of our natural hair. ACV returns our hair back to its initial state.

On the other hand, Bicarbonate of soda  helps in removing product build up as it acts as a cleansing agent.

Starting of with the Bicarbonate soda, mix 1/2 a cup of the product with 1 cup of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

cropped soda

 I finger detangle my hair  and have it in twists just to avoid  single strand knots once my hair gets wet. Thereafter, I generously spray the mixture into my hair while concentrating on my strands and massaging my scalp just as I would  on a normal shampoo.

Once that is done, I go ahead and make my  apple cider vinegar rinse. Mix 1 cup of ACV with 2 cups of water.

A disclaimer though, ACV has a burning sensation on wounds so it’s not advisable to use it if you have wounds on your scalp.  Another thing, it has an unpleasant  smell but that should not worry you as the smell goes away as soon as the hair starts drying up.

acv mix 3

I had a black background behind the bottle just so that you could see the color tint on the mixture. Another way of getting rid of the unpleasant smell is conditioning your hair once you’ve used the DIY clarifying shampoo.

It’s that simple guys, I love this two cleansing products because it takes less than twenty minutes to clean my hair. Try making your DIY clarifying shampoo using the products above and comment on this post telling me how your experience will be like.

Until next time,

Lots of love.



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