How to; Two strand flat twist protective style

new one

This is one of my favorite protective style especially those days when I don’t want any extensions on my hair and I  want it done in less than an hour.

It’s easy to learn if you have the will to master the concept. Here is what you’ll need to achieve your two strand flat twist:

wide  tooth comb

soft bristle brush

rat-tail comb

Leave-in conditioner

oil of your choice (I usually use coconut oil)


It’s easy to achieve this particular style on stretched hair. I applied a good amount of my carrot oil cream and coconut oil on my hair then used my wide tooth comb to slowly stretch my hair in sections from the ends to the roots avoid  breakage. This was the result:


The next thing is to use the rat-tail comb to part the hair in sections depending on how you’d like to style your hair. In my case I had my hair in an up-do so  I parted my hair from my hairline to the center back of my head. I also had a mini-twist at the back to help me know exactly where my center is like so:

parted hair

At this point we get right into the actual two strand flat twist.  Start with one section, take a small piece of the hair near hair-line and part it into two. Hold the two pieces in one hand; between the index finger and the thumb and the other three fingers respectively. The other chunk of hair that we initially had should be in the other hand like so;


Remember that both hands should be positioned in such a way that they can move towards the back of your head and not your forehead. Twist the first two strands that we initially parted from the big section of hair by using the index and thumb fingers from both hands;the left and right hand. Meanwhile the big section of hair should be at your palm, either the left or right hand. Whichever makes you comfortable. The section should be secured on the palm using the other three fingers that are not involved in the twisting. Each time you make just a single twist, add a small piece of hair from the big  section of hair at your palm. It should be added to the two strands equally by the time the two flat twist is done. This consistent technique creates the two strand flat twist pattern.


In short my point is twist once then add a small piece of hair.  Repeat that act over and over again until that section of hair forms a two strand flat twist.

What made me learn how to flat twist is persistence and practice. It cliché but practice makes perfect. I’ve done this so many times to a point that I don’t need a mirror  to see what I’m doing because my sense of touch makes know what I’m doing. I always love the results. I also get contentment by doing it myself.

I’m looking forward to knowing how your experience will be like when practicing how to two strand flat twist. Don’t give up even if your first few attempts are not as good as you intend them to be. Keep doing it until you love what you see.

Lots of Love

Akinyi Fiona.


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