African head wrap inspiration.


African head wraps/ turbans give me life. They help me out when my kinky hair decides to cause tantrums when no hair style seems to work. They also sort me out  when I just want to have a different type of look from what I usually have.  I like having head wraps in different patterns and fabrics for different looks. They are a number of ways in which I tie my wraps.

Here’s look 1:

front view

Side View:

side view

The first look is my favorite because am big on animal print.

Look 2:

pic 2 front view

pics 2 side view

Look 3: This is Ankara Fabric which is quite different from the first two. You’ll want to tie a silk or satin scarf before you tie the Ankara head wrap. This is because the fabric will suck all the moisture from your hair leaving it dry. This may lead to hair breakage soon enough. Always remember to take care of your hair despite having fun with head wraps.

pics 3 front view

pics 3 side view

I’d like to know which is you favorite among the three. Do you love head wraps as much as I do?

Lots of Love

Akinyi Fiona





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