No Cornrows-Crochet Braids; Hair Growth Challenge


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I finally get to do my second protective style in regards to the hair growth challenge on Instagram.

Just in case you missed the tag on the hair growth challenge that I got on IG, you can take a look at it on #myhairgrowstoo. This is what I used for this particular protective style.

A leave-in Conditioner

Oil  ( I used coconut oil)

Water (In a spray bottle)

Crochet hook

Rat-tail comb

Crochet braids

Photo Editor_5iSrAc

I washed my hair, did my deep conditioning and moisturized using the LCO  (Liquid cream oil )method. There after, I braided my hair into 60 mini-box braids. This is because one pack had 30 braids and I had two packs. Keep in mind, I braided my hair loosely especially at the roots because that is the point where I inserted the crochet braids.

Photo Editor_QiH7rJ

Once I was done, this was the result;

Photo Editor_AUG9o9

Photo Editor_0dGW6c

I was skeptical about this hair style at first just because It was my first experience with crochet braids but they came out better than expected. They are easy to do and very light weight. Braiding my hair took a little bit longer just because I usually have two strand twists on my hair and not box braids. I’d recommend this protective style to anyone who hasn’t learnt how to box braid using extensions yet.

Am sure by now you’re wondering why I didn’t do the actual tutorial on how to insert the crochet braids.  Normally I’d have a pictorial but men!! It was just difficult to take photos and then explain it to you. But don’t worry, I got you sorted. I decided to make a video of that over here. I tried to make it as easy as possible to understand.

I hope you try them on and let me know your experience. Just in case you have any question about this hair style don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below. Till next time,

Lots of Love

Akinyi Fiona

















































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