3 Super Quick Styles For Crochet Braids

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Having braids as a protective style can still be fun and versatile even if my natural hair is tucked away.  I thought of  sharing with you 3 ways I have styled my braids so far.

This photo up here is my first hairstyle and honestly it’s my first time having my braids like so. I’ve seen people style their braids like this but I never tried it until recently when I decided to come out of my comfort zone. I’m the type of person to style my hair in one particular way for one month or even longer. I know it’s boring but am sure some of you can relate to this. This style is easy to do; just divide your braids into two sections across your head from one ear to the other. Tie the braids on your crown in a bun and that’s it. Its easy and doesn’t strain the hairline.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

This is my second hairstyle. A simple bun. It suites any occasion. It’s pretty much the same as the first hairstyle. The only difference is that all the braids are held at the center back of the head. One disclaimer though; if you want to hold your braids like so, don’t tie them tightly to prevent your hair from breaking at the hairline.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The third one is my go-to hairstyle. This is how I normally have my braids in. Extremely simple; just take a couple of braids near your temple from both sides and tie them like a pony tail. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t strain my hair.

As simple as that. I’d like to know, which one is your favorite and have you tried any of  this hairstyles yet?

Lot’s of Love

Akinyi Fiona




2 thoughts on “3 Super Quick Styles For Crochet Braids

    1. Crochet braids are really comfortable and light-weight compared to the usual braids. I think you should give them a try. I also love the third photo; that’s how I’ve been styling my braids for the most part of it.

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