Chic Styles For Braids With Head Wraps

style 1.jpeg

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well. Today is all about braids and head wraps. I thought of sharing with you ways in which I incorporate the two together.

By now am sure you know that I’m a big fun of head wraps. I already have a post on this. Just in case you missed it you can take a look at it over here. Today’s post has a twist to it because I have braids on, unlike the previous post.

I used an Ankara fabric for the first look. What I simply did was flat twist my braids from the back to the front and pinned the ends towards one side to create a side bang. I then tied my fabric like so:

style 1 d

Here’s the side look:

style 1 side view.jpeg

This look is very comfortable because the braids tend to rest on the fabric. I didn’t feel like my hair was being pulled at the edges even though all my braids were twisted towards one direction.

I used a Chiffon fabric for my second look:

braid head wrap

This look is equally comfortable. All I did was tie my fabric towards the front. This time round I did not tie my or twist my braids. It was much easier and faster to achieve than the first look.

braid head wrap 2

I’m curious to know, between the two looks which one is your favorite. Comment below letting me know which one you’d like to try out.

Lots of Love

Akinyi Fiona


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