2 Flat Twist On Natural Hair




I finally got back to doing the 2 flat twist after 1 year. I’ve missed having them so I decided to try them out again.

So I started out on stretched hair… or maybe semi-stretched hair. I did my deep conditioning yesterday and had my hair in big chunky plaits.  I undid them and this was the result:


Once I was done with my deep conditioning the previous day, I only used coconut oil on my hair and that was it.  Prior to doing this hairstyle, my hair was a little bit dry so I used my Aloe Vera Juice, Cantu Leave-in Conditioner and Castor Oil to moisturize my hair.


Just in case you missed my post on how I make my Aloe Vera Juice just check it out over here.

I parted my hair into two and had a flat twist on both sides. Here are the results:




I used to be big on laying my edges but not any more. I just feel like any gel doesn’t do me any justice. Am all about healthy edges.

Anyways. I hope you liked this hairstyle. It’s really been long since I last had these two flat twist on my hair.

Lots Of Love

Akinyi Fiona


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