Turban; Protective Style.



Hey ya’ll. It’s been a minute but am back. My hair hasn’t been in any kind of fancy hairstyle but then I thought  of sharing with you what my mane has been like.

If you’re in Nairobi then you know how rainy and cold it’s been and there’s no way am having my hair out.  I’ve been rocking some mini- twists for the most part of it since the 8th of last month. All I do is my weekly deep conditioning while moisturizing my hair using the L.O.C.O method. I’ve been using my Aloe Vera juice as the liquid.

The first photo above is a silk fabric that I got from an old dress that I haven’t worn since 2013. Lol.. I was almost giving it away when I thought of using it as a head wrap. I just tied a satin scarf underneath before tying it as a head wrap.


The second one above is a black cotton scarf  that I have had for ages. Again, I tied a satin scarf before  using the cotton scarf. This applies to the head wraps below as well.



So basically this is what my head of hair has been like. The weather has not been giving me a chance to wear my hair out. Head wraps/ turbans are a great way to look stylish while still protecting your hair from different elements. I haven’t been feeling like having any hair extensions on my hair and I don’t have time on my hands for that. So that’s pretty much it until next time.

Lots of Love

Akinyi Fiona


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