Taking Care Of Natural Hair Under a Wig


It’s been a couple of days since I made my first  wig and I thought it would be a good idea to update you guys on how I’ve been taking care of my natural hair underneath it.

My regimen so far has been very simple. I like the idea of having to keep my hair away in a protective style while still being able to attend to it. To start off, this is how my hair has been like under the wig cap;


Nothing cute, nothing fancy but one thing I’ve realized through out my journey is that  my hair simply loves being braided with out any hair extensions. This way, I can still do my deep conditioning and my regular moisturizing and am good to go.

  1. I always ensure my hair is braided under a wig cup.
  2. I ensure to deep condition weekly as I’ve always done when my hair is out.
  3. I regularly ensure to moisturize my hair using the  L.O.C.O method.
  4. My hair is always under a satin scarf if am not using the wig. Whether am going to sleep or just chilling at home.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing extra ordinary.  What I love about having a wig as a protective style is that nothing really changes in my usual hair regimen. That’s all for this week.

Lots of Love

Akinyi Fiona


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