Natural Hair Length Check

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Hey, Ya’ll.  With health comes length. Today’s post is all about the growth that I’ve been able to achieve within 8 months.

One thing I must say though, It wasn’t part of my plan to have this as a post when I took these photos but I had second thoughts when I did a comparison. This would be a good way to document my growth.

Probably some of you have gone through the same experience as I have. You know how you can go though social media and see girls in the natural hair community with extreme natural hair growth in such a short period of time and somehow it gets into your head…unconsciously.  I find myself comparing my hair journey to others at times and definitely that doesn’t do me any good.

I’ve had those days but I always try my level best to snap myself out of it. That is why I constantly try to take photos of my hair so that I can be able to compare my past and present. Frankly when I found this photo from the 17th of March of this year, it made me quite happy.

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Around this time, my hair was around my collar-bone.  I was consistent with my usual hair regimen and the tips that I talked about on how to grow and maintain natural  hair.

I then took a photo of my hair on 11th of last month (November) and this was the result.

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I didn’t notice much until I compared it to the previous photo and I realized that I’m actually retaining length.  As much as caring for natural hair can be quite involving and the results may not be immediate, they do pay off.

One thing that constantly dawns on me every time I think of retaining length is that staying on your own lane is key. Don’t compare your hair journey to anyone else’s. You are you and that’s your strength. All you have to do is compare your past with your present and keep finding ways to improve yourself.  Not only does this apply to your hair journey but also life in general. I’d urge you to keep taking photos of your hair journey, that way it will help you know how far you have come.

Lots of Love

Akinyi Fiona



14 thoughts on “Natural Hair Length Check

  1. Beautiful hair! Wish mine was as thick and as long as yours. I do see some improvement though I’ll be honest. Can I please have your email address? I would like to feature you on my blog post about Appreciating natural hair.

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  2. Wow clear difference of growth. Your hair is gorgeous. Definitely agree to not comparing your hair with others, we have to remember that it’s not race of who gets to the finish line lol. Great post!

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