My YouTube Channel.


Happy new year!

Hope you’re all doing well. I’m hoping you’ve began your new year on a good note as I have.  Since it’s a new year, I’ve decided to take my content creation to another level.

Just as the heading of this post suggests, I’ve officially decided to start my YouTube channel.  My blog is around 7 months old but I noticed that some of  my posts (like my two strand flat twist and my first DIY crochet wig) were not that easy to demonstrate or explain in detail. Having a YouTube channel will sort out this problem. I’ve also decided to branch into other stuff that am interested in like beauty and lifestyle and I also plan to have it as part of this blog’s content.

I initially wanted to start the channel last year around the time when I started this blog but I was procrastinating..all in the name of ‘not having a camera’ but time has been running out. So filming using my phone won’t stop me from achieving my goals.

Please do check out my channel over here and don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss any of my weekly posts. My first post will be up before the week ends. See you on my channel before the weekend.

Lots of Love

Akinyi Fiona


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